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I have worked with Julie for almost 10 years now and have witnessed her incisive mind that allows her to think outside the box, work with other creative people and deliver results. She has turned the Center for the Arts into a powerful community organization and venue by leading the staff and Board of Directors in ways that were not previously considered. She is a resolute and tireless worker with an inexhaustible curiosity to learn more about her craft and above all, she delivers success. She moves effortlessly in between the powerful and influential and at the same time has a sensitivity to the needs of the less fortunate and underrepresented. She sees the big picture and has the skills to implement. Lastly, she is a great friend and I admire her tenacity and would work with her again anytime that opportunity presents itself.”
Jon Blinder, Board President, Nevada County Arts

"I have worked with the amazing Julie Baker for the last eight years coordinating a work between our respective organizations toward a vision of building deeper and more meaningful connections for our community.  She is a font of brilliant ideas and works diligently to set ideas in motion, get results, and create impact for her stakeholders."
Chris Maher, General Manager, BriarPatch Food Co-op


"Among Julie's finest attributes is her commitment to quality work coupled with the quest to always explore the 'new and what's next' in the world of music.  You can't teach that dedication.”
Dan DeWayne, co-founder California WorldFest

Julie and Magic Giant at WorldFest 2017

Julie and Magic Giant at WorldFest 2017

"Julie has extensive experience coordinating a vast array of artistic/cultural event. She is able to see the big picture of these events and is unique in her ability to inject business metrics and perspectives into the discussions. Often when dealing with artistic oriented topics, business aspects sometimes are an unfortunate omission from the conversations, but to Julie, a successful event is one that achieved its full objectives; including the business side. As much as you want to hear the word “yes” these days, Julie is also comfortable balancing unbounded enthusiasm with some reality. She is thorough and detailed in her approach and planning. Given her very visible role in the community, she only wants what’s best for Nevada County and has years of experience working in our “unique” environment.”
Dan Castles, CEO Telestream